Leaving a legacy

By 2017 may

The Auckland Communities Foundation has launched a new website making it easier for people to make a lasting difference to the Gulf and beyond.

Foundation CEO Dellwyn Stuart says “A lovely couple we know, have, like many others, lived a good life in Auckland. Nothing flashy, just an everyday great Kiwi life. They appreciate that the city has been good to them. They’ve had lots of opportunities and turned them into successes. Time out on the harbour and its beaches has played a big part of their weekends and holidays. In their 60s now, fit and healthy, they travel a lot and recently turned their mind to their wills and what they will do with the bounty from a good life. They had heard about the community foundation and liked the model. It appealed to them in its simplicity as the ideal place for them to leave a specific gift from their estate. They want that gift to go towards ensuring children of future generations get to know our harbour, care for it and enjoy it as they have.”