Fanworm on the underside of an Auckland wharf.

  PICTURED: Fanworm on the underside of an Auckland wharf.  

Marine pests

By . Photography by Crispin Middleton/MPI. 2015 september

The survey of marine invasive pests in the Waitemata harbour carried out by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in June has found no new-to-NZ or new-to-Auckland arrivals.

However an ascidian recorded for the first time at the Devonport Naval Base in January has now been detected at the Devonport ferry terminal.

The Mediterranean fanworm and Asian paddle crab are in very high densities throughout the harbour and other species present include Asian date mussel, sea squirt, Japanese seaweed and the clubbed tunicate.

“It’s a wake-up call to keep vessel hulls clean and prevent the spread of pests between areas,” says MPI marine surveillance and incursion senior advisor Tim Riding.

A video on best practice vessel hull maintenance is available at: