Argentine Ant

  PICTURED: Argentine Ant  

Pest plan overhaul

By . Photography by Richard Toft Entecol,. 2015 decemeber

Auckland Council has begun a major overhaul of its Regional Pest Management Plan. The plan is the main statutory document implementing the Biosecurity Act 1993 in the region, and provides a framework for managing plant and animal pests in Auckland, including the Hauraki Gulf.

The review covers changes in pest species and management; along with community expectations and available resources. Particular pest management issues affecting the gulf include control of plants such as Agave americana and Rhamnus and invasive animals like Rainbow/plague skinks and Argentine ants. The council will also consider
the plan’s role in the management of marine pests.

It is proposed that the specific rules which prevent and manage pests on the Hauraki Gulf islands are continued in the new plan.

Regional Pest Management Strategy