Finding the Crested Weedfish


The Crested Weedfish is a skilled little predator that is native to New Zealand and Southeast Australia that hides in the kelp. It is incredibly camouflaged to look just like a blade of kelp. It even moves like the kelp. From here, it ambushes its little victims and hides from its predators. But its super power is now its weakness. When the kelp disappears at the hands of all devouring kina, it literally has no place to go and will not be able to survive.

We wanted to find this amazing creature and show it to the world before its home had disappeared. We hope to make people think about their own impact on the ocean and what they can do differently. But to tell its story we first had to find it…. Follow the journey of Crispin and Irene Middleton as they track down the Weedfish.

By Aart Van Dijk


Photo credits:
Weedfish Photo: Crispin Middleton
Person Scuba Diving over Kelp Forest: Irene Middleton
Lady snorkeling with Kelp plant at Surface: Crispin Middleton