Well done Burnsco

By 2017 december

Burnsco has taken a lead in encouraging responsible use of the Gulf’s fisheries by refusing to stock and sell scallop dredges.

Burnsco Managing Director Bruce McLeod said “We have not stocked scallop dredges for a number of years now. Burnsco staff were concerned at the damage done to the seabed by the dredges. This deterioration of the seabed has been well documented (eg Urlich 2016) and unfortunately has increased significantly over the years as dredging has become more intensified. Customers can still, of course, dive for scallops if they want them.”

LegaSea has welcomed the policy. “It is reflective of a more Fish Care orientated approach we hope to gain from retailers in the future as we look to restore abundance in our inshore fisheries,” said LegaSea spokesperson Simon Yates.