Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Conference: 2015 - Forward Together

Session 1: Heart Talk


Introduction by Hauraki Gulf Forum Chair John Tregidga. John’s introduction (PDF 112KB)

Paddle power

Twin sisters Moana Tamaariki-Pohe and Donna Tamaariki established a waka ama club to build kaupapa Māori and environmental awareness. Moana dips her paddle in the history and places of the Waitematā and beyond.

City wildman

Kennedy Warne writes about wilderness for National Geographic and New Zealand Geographic magazines and National Radio’s Off the Beaten Track. He looks for adventure and meaning close to home. City Wildman – Kennedy Warne (PDF 200KB)

An island to ourselves

The Noises have belonged to Rod and Sue Neureuters’ family a long time. They’ve seen many changes, not all of them for the best. An island to ourselves – Sue and Rod Neureuter (PDF 3.8MB)

Youth voice

Lynfield College’s Gauri Prabhakar leads by example with action on waste. Youth voice – Gauri Prabhakar (PDF 883KB) Gauri’s speech (PDF 245KB)

Session 2: Science Talk

State of our Firth

Dr Malcolm Green looks at water quality and ecosystem health in the Firth of Thames. How far have we pushed the system and can we dial it back? State of our Firth – Dr Malcolm Green, NIWA (PDF 1.3MB)

How restorable?

Mussel reef restoration was born out of a previous seminar. Dr Mark Morrison looks at the feasibility of restoring more of the Gulf’s marine ecosystems.
How restorable – Dr Mark Morrison, NIWA (PDF 1MB)

Broadening the frame

When a container ship struck rocks off Tauranga Dr Kepa Morgan was ready to combine science and maatauranga to return the reef’s mauri to a pre-Rena state.
Broadening the frame – Dr Kepa Morgan, University of Auckland (PDF 1.1MB)

Youth perspective

Victoria University’s Tilde Mortenson has created an eel sanctuary on Waiheke Island.

Session 3: Smart Talk

Fishing’s new face

Sanford CEO Volker Kuntzsch believes the future of fishing in the Gulf is tied to sustainability.
Fishing’s new face – Volker Kuntzsch, Sanford (PDF 1MB)

40 year learnings from Leigh

Dr Nicholas Shears from the University of Auckland looks back on 40 years research at Leigh Marine Laboratory and reflects on the most surprising findings and cautionary tales. 40 year learnings from Leigh – Dr Nicholas Shears (PDF 2.5MB)

Farming home truths

With milk prices and water quality heading downward veterinarian and agro-ecology consultant Alison Dewes believes it’s time to work on home truths.
Farming home truths – Alison Dewes (PDF 1.4MB)

Youth voice

Pakuranga College head boy Michael Jessup is a film and change maker.

Session 4: Doing

Underwater vision

Richie Robinson gave up shooting news to spend time under the waves and document the beauty of our marine world.

Changing the world

Rob Fenwick is associated with many of biggest conservation causes in New Zealand. He is given free rein to imagine what’s possible in the Hauraki Gulf.
Changing the world – Rob’s Fenwick (PDF 430KB)

2015 Holdaway Award

2015 Holdaway Award

This year’s outstanding leadership contribution revealed.
Catchment Award: Richelle Kahui-McConnell.
Islands Award: Rod, Sue and Zoe Neureuter
Marine Award: Dr Nicholas Shears
Press release (PDF 87KB)
2015 Holdaway Award winners photo