Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Conference: 2018 - Finding a Voice

Session 1: Place

Voices on the Page

Award-winning novelist, short story writer and essayist Paula Morris. Of Ngāti Wai and English descent, with ties to Pakiri, Paula enlightens on how place has shaped her writing.

The Sound of the Stream

The water man of Tarariki stream, Paeroa poet and sculpturer Mike O’Donnell on how water has shaped his work.

Lessons From the Past

Respected historian, Dr. Vincent O’Malley on how the Waikato land wars of the 19th century helped shape the Gulf, and lessons for the future.

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please email requests to contributions@gulfjournal.org.nz

Session 2: Challenge

Marine Conservation – Challenges in the Gulf

Head of Natural Sciences Dr. Tom Trnski, Auckland War Memorial Museum, on the challenges to marine protected areas in the Gulf.

Soundscape of the Gulf

Biologist Dr. Craig Radford with University of Auckland explores the Gulf’s underwater soundscape and what can be learned from it.

Disappearing From View, the Spotted Shag

Once widespread, spotted shag are disappearing from the Gulf. Biodiversity advisor Tim Lovegrove with Auckland Council, looks for answers.

Generating Ideas for the Health of the Gulf

Elisabeth Vaneveld is a Director of Creative Entrepreneurship at Auckland University and is seeking ideas from Aucklanders who love the Hauraki Gulf.

Session 3: Innovation

Surfing, Sailing, Diving

Singer and songwriter Jamie McDell shares how sailing, diving, and surf lifesaving, while growing up on the beaches at Mangawhai, influenced her song writing.

Snap of the Sails

Master waka voyager Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr (Tainui) ponders on what the sea can teach us about life and leadership.

Pathway to the Stars

Chairman of the Aotea Dark Sky Sanctuary, Richard Somerville-Ryan on the pathway to official Dark Sky accreditation.

Starry Night

Good Heavens guides Hilde Hoven and Deborah Kilgallon on astro-tourism on Aotea and the wonders of the night sky.

Bird Dialects

Evolutionary biologist Prof. Dianne Brunton with Massey University looks at how birdsong evolves and the dialects of New Zealand’s birds.

Session 4: Doing

2018 Holdaway Award

Presentation to 2018 Holdaway Award recipients, Young Ocean Explorers Steve and Riley Hathaway and former Hauraki Gulf Forum Chairperson John Tregidga.

Changing Landscape of Rotoroa Island

Consulting ecologist Jo Ritchie takes us on the journey of Rotoroa Island, transforming from a self-sufficient rehabilitation centre into a native wildlife sanctuary.

Sounds Like Success

Returning once vast mussel reefs to the Gulf seabed is a significant challenge. Biologist Dr. Andrew Jeffs with University of Auckland on progress and challenges.