Climate Coalition for Ports of Auckland

By . Photography by Shaun Lee. 2018 september

The Ports of Auckland have joined a group of 60 businesses that have combined forces to tackle climate change. The group, which produces around half of the countries greenhouse gas emissions, have pledged to monitor and reduce emissions within their businesses and to encourage their suppliers to do the same.

“Climate change is the issue of our time, and how we meet this challenge will define us,” CEO Tony Gibson says.
“We can’t expect ‘The Government’ to solve the problem for us, it’s too big for that and collectively we’re all responsible for the mess we’re in.”

By joining forces, the group hopes to make it easier for the country to transition to a low emissions economy, a move they say is needed to help keep global warming within 2 degrees, as specified in the Paris Agreement, and for business certainty into the future.

The Ports aim to reach zero emissions by 2040 and eliminate all methyl bromide emissions.